Our Plans

Sr.No Name City Plan
1 Varun Doe Mumbai VS100
2 Mary Thomas Goa VS100
3 Agit Pande Bihar VS800
4 Vinit Reddy Tamil VS400


Sr.No Name City Plan
1 Anchana Patil Nasik VS400
2 Pushkar Shinde Pune VS100
3 Shradha Sinha Assam VS800
4 Arpita Laghari Tamil VS400


Earn Rs.
0.1-0.5 Per Ad View

2.5% Earning Per Joining

1 Month Validity

Membership Fees : Rs.100/-

Plan Name : VS100

Earn Rs.
1 Per Ad View

5% Earning Per Joining

3 Month Validity

Membership Fees Rs.400/-

Plan Name : VS400

Earn Rs.
2 Per Ad View

10% Earning Per Joining

6 Month Validity

Membership Fees Rs.800/-

Plan Name : VS800

Earn Rs.
3 Per Ad View

15% Earning Per Joining

9 Month Validity

Membership Fees Rs.1600/-

Plan Name : VS1600


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