Frequentlu Asked Questions

 How to pay membership fees?

We accept PayTM, Net Banking, Debit card, Credit Card, Mobikwik, Airtel Money and Vodafone Mpesa. For more details about payment help Click How to pay.

 How to start ?

To start please register on our website and pay membership fees for your selected plan. Your account will be activated within 2-3 hours after receiving your payment and you can start your work. Dont forget to send us transaction id by sms just after making payment.

 What the work is ?

We will give you ready made advertisements, your work is to spread our advertisements to other peoples as much you can by sending sms, sharing on whatsapp and facebook. you will get advertisement just after account activation. Ads can be for an app, company or any products.

 How and where i can pay my membership fees ?

You can pay your fees online using your debit card, credit card or internet banking, also you can pay at vodafone story by mpesa or Airtel Money by load money on 9867962638. More Detail

 How to withdrow my earning ?

You can transfer your earning in your bank account or you can get cash from any vodafone store via mpesa or Airtel Money Point. Minimum payout is Rs.1000/- for VS100 plan.

 How much work i can do ?

As you know this is a advertisement work, there is no upper or lower limition work. you may send 10 or 100 ad per day. also you can share these ads on facebook and whatsapp etc. Your earning also depend on your work so work more and earn more.

 How we know and track your work ?

Your every advertisement contains your unique link. our server detects your ad or work by your unique link. if you delete your link from your advertisement than our system can not detect your work.

 How i get mobile number list?

You have to send our advertisement in your friend circle but we also give you a mobile number list. after login you will get a mobile number list in your account.

 When i can send advertisement ?

There is no time limitation. You can send any time. But we prefer not to send sms and whatsapp message in night.

 May i use any company sim or other number to work?

Yes, You can use any company sim or mobile. also you can send sms by any website. ie. 160by2, sms360 etc.

 Who will give my recharge or other expances?

We charge only membership fees from our candidates who work with us like you, We do not give your expanses, You can recharge with any sms pack to reduce your costing.

 Is it safe/genuine or free from any fraud ?

Yes, this is a genuine work.We dont offer a laptop, mobile, sim, 10 rupees per sms and a cheque of 45000 like fraud companies offer. Beware of such kind of offers. You can start your work by investing just Rs.100 only.

 Is it a MLM business ?

No, this is not a MLM business. This is a genuine part time job. you dont have to make your downline. But if you refer your friend than you will get a referal amount as per your plan.

 May i change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime.

 Do i have to pay any other fees/hidden fees after paying membership fees?

No, you dont have to pay any fees after your account activation. But if your plan has expired than you have to pay your membership fees again.

 When will my balance update?

Generally balance updatation takes appx. 18-24 hours. But some time it required more time. It will updated automaticaly. You dont need to do anything.

 How my earning calculated?

Each advertisement contains your unique link, when someone click on your link, you will get paid as per your plan, also when someone join from your link and pay membership you get a referal For VS400 you get 1 for each click you receive from your link, and 5% of membership fees on joining. more example How it works ?

 How do i get Rs.480/- by joining my friend ?

Rs.480/- is a maximum amount you can earn by refering your 1 friend. Example: In VS2400 plan you will get 20% for referal income, if your friend join us with VS2400 plan than you get 20% of 2400 that is 480

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